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What is "Mentorship versus Supervision?"

Mentorship is designed for established BCBA’s who feel they need more support in a certain area. This may be guidance on general ACT training, or feedback on a specific client. It is customized to fit your individual needs!
Supervision is designed for individuals seeking BCBA supervision who are in need of BACB approved experience hours. Our Supervisors are available for a Full Supervision Package (for those who don’t have a contracted Supervisor) or a Partial Package (for those who want to expand upon their current supervision experience).
Each Mentor has their own unique set of expertise and experience. While all of our Mentors are trained in ACT, we also provide Mentorship for other areas of ABA. Please see the Area of Focus below to find the perfect Mentor for your needs!

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Melisa is an SLP/BCBA in New Mexico with 7 years of ABA clinical experience working in homes, in clinic, in community and school settings. She has had her SLP credential for 10 years with a Masters Degree in Communication Disorders. In 2021 Melisa opened her private practice, Balance Speech and Behavior LLC.
Areas of Focus: ACT, Adolescents, Adult, Autism, BCBA Supervision/Training, Behavioral Disorders, Decreasing Maladaptive Behavior, Early Intervention, Goal Development, IISCA/PFA/SBT, Parent Training, Reform, Social Skills, Teens, Verbal Behavior
Meredith Rush-Inglis is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) who provides services across the region of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She holds her BCBA certification and has over 15 years of experience working with individuals, across the life span, who have developmental disabilities as well as mental health diagnoses or related concerns.
Areas of Focus: ACT, Adolescents, Advocacy, Adult, Autism, Behavioral Disorders, Decreasing Maladaptive Behavior, Early Intervention, FBA/FA, Goal Development, Mental Health, RBT Training/Supervision, Social Skills, Staff Development, Teens, Verbal Behavior
Michelle L. Zube, M.A., BCBA – NYS has been in the fields of special education and applied behavior analysis for over 15 years. Throughout her tenure, Michelle has worked in a variety of capacities ranging from classrooms, in-home services, to international consultation and program development.
Areas of Focus: ACT, Autism, BCBA Supervision/Training, Early Intervention, Mindfulness, OBM, Parent Training, RBT Training/Supervision, RFT, Special Education, Staff Development, Verbal Behavior
Stephanie Huff, M.A., BCBA, LBA (NV) has worked in the field of education and applied behavior analysis for 12 years in a variety of roles including early intensive behavioral intervention (EIBI), behavior consultant, in-home behavior therapist, elementary teacher, high school teacher, parent educator, and supervisor for individuals pursuing certification as behavior analysts.
Areas of Focus: Adolescents, Autism, BCBA Supervision/Training, Early Intervention, RBT Training/Supervision, Special Education, Social Skills, Teens
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