Through Our Eyes Panel # 3: Systemic Harms Caused to Marginalized Consumers

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Date: March 20th, 2023 at 7pm EST

Title: Through Our Eyes Panel # 3: Systemic Harms Caused to Marginalized Consumers

CEU: 2 Ethics CEUs

Cost: $30 for CEUs access. $15 for non-CEUs access.

What happens when neurodivergent professionals take an in depth and critical look at interventions that are most commonly used to support their population? Do these commonly used supports hold up under the scrutiny of social validity? Are there parts that hold up while others do not? What then? What are the alternatives?

Join this monthly panel of neurodivergent individuals from a variety of professions for a deeper look at a variety of topics that are discussed by advocates, professionals, and specialists. Come see the world through our eyes. See the world through the neurodivergent lens.

This panel is about how system cause harm.

Attendees will be able to identify

  • How harm is caused by systems
  • How to address harm caused by systems
  • The importance of advocating for change
  • The importance of supporting individuals who have been harmed by systems


Please be advised that purchase of this product is non-refundable.  With the exception of the CEU processing fee, proceeds go to panel participants. This is a panel of professionals and advocates across and within the autism community. The opinions and perspective shared during these events is for educational purposes and does not constitute the opinions or perspectives of others. Cultural sensitivity and competence requires that we listen and learn, which includes sitting with discomfort that may arise from actively listening.

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