Solve for YES!: How to Erect a Scaffolding of Practical Supports Around a Person-Centered Model of Care

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Solve for YES!: How to Erect a Scaffolding of Practical Supports Around a Person-Centered Model of Care

By J Alexander Douglas and Melisa Santacroce, M.S., CCC-SLP, BCBA

Original Presentation Date/Time: December 15th, 2022 07:30 PM Eastern Time

1.5 Ethics CEUs

The Medical Model of Disability treats the disabled population like a math problem, seeking a ‘solution’ and asking us to “solve for X”. In his presentation, J. Alexander Douglas suggests a new method. His approach uses the Scaffolding of Supports™ strategy to lift up the individual from underneath and empower them to say an enthusiastic “YES!” in more situations, to more things.

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About J Alexander Douglas

J. Alex received a late-life diagnosis of Atypical Autism in his early 30s. His self-advocacy truly began in childhood, as he learned to speak up for himself and his needs both in the classroom and outside.  He has worked in a diverse range of fields, including advertising design and telecommunications.  His passion for presentation and performance led him to spend the last 7 years building a career in the entertainment industry.  He generalizes his ‘trade’ as that of a Professional Storyteller. He is also attached to several projects through the University of New Mexico. At UNM, he works as both a Clinical Teaching Associate—where his primary role is to provide communication skills training to medical students—and as an Education Associate—where he draws upon lived experience as an Autism Self-Advocate—in an advisory capacity for Project SCENES. J. Alex was also a NM-LEND fellow in 2020-2021.  His area of focus was then—and continues to be—aimed at supporting adults and teens transitioning to adulthood, who seek to lead a more independent lifestyle.

About Melisa Santacroce

Balance Speech and Behavior is owned by Melisa Santacroce, M.S. CCC-SLP, BCBA.  Melisa completed her Master of Science in Communication Disorders from California State University at Northridge in 2011 and worked as a Speech Language Pathologist.  She then completed coursework and fieldwork to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2014.  Melisa has worked in ABA centers in New Mexico since 2014 across all ages. She has utilized Skills Based Treatment (SBT) with individuals with severe and dangerous problem behavior and is currently conducting research on this method.  The Balance Speech and Behavior team is developing innovative ways to use the science of ABA to support adults on the spectrum to design and utilize a circle of care to move closer to their goals and create a higher quality of life for themselves.

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