Seeing Neurodiversity Through the Behavior Science Lens

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Radical behaviorism has so many applications in so many settings and across many populations, yet with the advent of autism spectrum disorder services becoming popularized the significant majority of behavior analytic research and application is being conducted in this realm. Yet there is a growing trend of anti-behavior analytic attitudes towards our work from the autism community. Why? This workshop’s focus is on understanding these phenomena through the behavior analytic lens. This includes examination of claims of trauma and abuse. It also includes a look at how neurology and relational frame theory can address deficits in understanding and services. Reflections on the work of Baer, Wolf, and Risley will also be a part of the discussion, most notably in relation to the question of social significance. The workshop will be shaped by the Ethics Code for BCBAs, and will include an introduction to the trauma-informed care and neurodivergent affirming practice frameworks.