ACT Peer Groups


  • ACT Peer Groups based on the Portland Model (Thompson, et al., 2015)
  • A laid back, non-judgemental place to learn and practice ACT
  • Interactive & experiential using role play and BST!
  • 1.5 CEU per group


Second and fourth Sunday of the month at 1 pm EST.


Right here via Zoom!


  • Behavior analysts need a technology that allows us to address private events and complex behavior that is derived from behavioral principles, falls in line with the seven dimensions of ABA and Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s 5th edition task list… ACT!!
  • Implementing ACT within our scope of practice can be tricky… because of issues with competence.
  • As Brock and colleagues discuss in their 2015 paper, Recognizing common clinical mistakes in ACT: A quick analysis and call to awareness, transferring knowledge of ACT gained in training and through written descriptions to real-world clinical settings and
    using the six core processes of ACT in a flexible way can be difficult.
  • There is a significant and long-standing precedent for the use of BST to shape clinical skill competence, so let’s practice ACT using a BST model!


Role Who What
Group Leader Mindful Behavior Admin: Erin Bertoli Conducts opening Mindfulness exercise; monitors time and ensures group remains on task; leads final discussion.
Client/Case Presenter Volunteer from the group Role plays a client or presents own struggles to provide the material for which the BCBA/Skills Builder can practice.
BCBA/Skills Builder Spotlighted Mindful Behavior Admin Work with client and practice ACT (e.g., skill, exercise) in front of group and receive feedback.
Assistant to BCBA/Skills Builder Volunteer from the group Assists or consults with Skills Builder during exercise as needed (back-up therapist).
Hexaflex Monitor/Data Collector Participants from the group Takes notes on ACT processes demonstrated during experiential skills building; participates in discussion and provides up to 5 min of feedback following skill building exercise.

As time allows, we will have multiple volunteer clients/case presenters and multiple BCBAs to practice their skills!!!

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