What is "Mentorship versus Supervision?

Mentorship is designed for established BCBA™’s who feel they need more support in a certain area. This may be guidance on general ACT training or feedback on a specific client. It is customized to fit your individual needs!

Supervision is designed for individuals seeking BCBA™ supervision who are in need of BACB™ approved experience hours. Our Supervisors are available for a Full Supervision Package (for those who don’t have a contracted Supervisor) or a Partial Package (for those who want to expand upon their current supervision experience).


At Mindful Behavior, we provide high-quality training and mentorship within the field of behavior analysis through the lenses of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and neurodiversity.


Individual Clinician Mentorship

This service is designed for clinicians (BCBAs, BCaBAs, or RBTs) who seek support on utilizing an ACT framework to enhance Neurodivergent Affirming, person-centered services for their learners. We mentor new and/or Neurodivergent Clinicians to best support your flourishing practice. Our team consists of clinicians and professionals skilled in various aspects of behavior analytic services and/or possess important lived experience. Our website Service Provider page highlights each Coach and his/her/their specific expertise. 

Please note this service is not client specific; our Coaches support concepts in general terms. 


Consultation for Clinical Support

This service is designed for clinicians (BCBAs or BCaBAs), who seek support on utilizing an ACT framework to design Neurodivergent Affirming, person-centered programming for a specific learner. This service may include direct observation of the learner so the Coach can best offer guidance. We can support assessment, treatment planning, goal writing, behavior support plans, PFA and SBT implementation, and programming valuable to each learner. 


Please note this service requires a HIPAA release form to be signed by the learner and/or caregiver.

Caregiver Consultation for Clinical Support:

This service is designed for caregivers of neurodivergent children who seek clinical expertise or relative lived experience to best support their child utilizing an ACT framework. This service may include direct observation of the child via telehealth. Our Coaches design individualized programming and recommendations that are affirming to the child’s unique neurotype, values, interests, skills, and goals. 


Please note that Mindful Behavior, llc does not accept Medicaid or private insurance. This service is self-pay. 

BACB Candidate Supplemental Supervision:

This service is for BACB trainees who seek supplemental supervision hours for either unrestricted or restricted fieldwork hours. This service is best designed for trainees who receive direct supervision through their employer and desire to enhance their understanding of ACT and/or Neurodivergent Affirming practices. 


Please note that supervision of restricted fieldwork hours (direct observation of a trainee working with a learner) requires a signed HIPAA release form both from the child’s caregiver and the employer. 

BACB Candidate Supervision Package:

This service is designed to provide 5% of the maximum monthly fieldwork hours (130). Our Coaches may provide supervision for either restricted or unrestricted fieldwork hours. This package includes 4.5 hours of individual supervision and 2 hours of group supervision (candidates selecting this package attend Mindful Behavior’s monthly Neurodiversity Affirming Peer Group). Supervision covers all components of the 5th ed. Task List in order to meet BACB requirements. 


Please note restricted fieldwork hours (direct observation with a learner) requires a signed HIPAA release form both from the child’s caregiver and the employer.

Organizational Neurodivergent-Affirming Staff Training:

This service is designed for organizations desiring to enhance their internal practices to be affirming and person centered for their learners. In this service, one of our two Founders, Jenilee Stepp or Brian Middleton, will provide remote training to the organization’s clinical staff. This event may be designed for BCBAs and/or RBTs, so that the organization is ensuring their practice is offering current, ethical, values based services. This training may be part of the organization’s CEU Events for internal staff. We also provide ACT based organization training. Please contact us with your organization’s information, specific needs, and staff size in order to receive a quote.


If your organization is interested in hosting Jenilee Stepp or Brian Middleton to provide in-person, intensive training for an extended period, please contact us directly. 


Contact us:

OBM Neurodivergent-Affirming Consultation

This service is designed for practice owners or administrators seeking support in ensuring their organization is neurodivergent-affirming for their learners and staff. We provide support in creating systems, procedures, internal documents (such as handbooks, clinical templates, processes and procedures, etc.), staff training, onboarding, etc. We also provide support in creating ACT based services organization wide. We support start-up business owners who are in the initial phases, as well as established organizations in restructuring their current internal systems. 


If you are interested in this service, please contact us directly with your organization’s specific information and unique needs in order to receive a quote. 

Peer to Peer Support:

This service is for any Neurodivergent person seeking support, guidance, coaching, advice, and/or community from a Neurodivergent Professional. Our Neurodivergent Professionals come from diverse backgrounds, across multiple intersections, so we can support a variety of needs. We can support across a variety of needs, including: relationship building, sexual intimacy, job coaching, executive functioning, Acceptance and Commitment Training, sensory regulation, general support and guidance, and much more! Please review our many Neurodivergent Coaches then request a free 15 minute consultation to ensure this Coach is the best fit for your needs!

School Based Behavior Services

This service may provide direct and/or indirect support for learners in the educational setting. Schools frequently require support for both individual learners and/or in creating positive behavior supports for whole classrooms. Mindful Behavior has multiple BCBA Coaches who are experienced in working in schools and classrooms both as teachers and as behavior analysts supporting teachers and learners. Supports provided are neurodivergent-affirming and evidence based. 


Please contact us directly with your organization’s specific needs and information to receive a quote. Remote and direct services are available, although direct services are subject to availability in your area.




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