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Neurodiversity-Affirming Behavior Analysis through an Acceptance & Commitment Training Framework.

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Coach, Motivation Speaker & Trainer

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"Neurodiversity-affirming practice is practice that centers the needs of the learner while leveraging evidence-based practice for the learner's benefit. As Skinner often said, the learner is always right', and this is centered in ND practice. The learner's needs come first, and their values are our compass. Anything else is coercion disguised as helping. Human first, human always!"

How I Work

Centering Autistic Voices

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ACT & Star Wars: How Acceptance & Commitment Training Can Make You a Jedi

ACT can make you like a Jedi Knight. Pretty bold claim, right? Yep! But Acceptance & Commitment Training/Therapy (ACT, pronounces like the word act because no one likes to take a test) can do some pretty amazing stuff. The research is ongoing, but so far there have been some amazing studies that demonstrate that regular use of ACT can be used from everything from improving emotional regulation skills (Elices et al., 2017, Kocovski et al., 2014, Smout et al., 2014) to increasing physical health (Hughes et al., 2013, Pots et al., 2016, Wicksell et al., 2013) to addressing chronic pain (Cebolla et al., 2017, McCracken et al., 2014, Veehof et al., 2016, Wetherell et al., 2011) to actually altering the way our very genes express themselves in positive ways (Bastani et al., 2020, Lechner et al., 2019, Rimes-Dimitriades et al., 2021)!

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