Areas of Focus: ACT, IISCA/PFA/SBT, Neurodiversity Affirming, Supervision

Summer Mingo (she/her/they) is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst serving in Georgia. She is passionate about creating systems of support around those she works for and also employs. She has experience in PFA/SBT, CPS, Programming for Assent, Early Intervention, Caretaker and Professional Collaboration utilizing ACT, DNA-V, and Neurodiversity Affirming Alignment in Practice.

She is the co-founder of South Georgia Behavior Associates, a company that provides consultation, caretaker support, and ABA services with autistic children and teens in and around the surrounding counties of Valdosta, GA. When she is not deep diving in cross-profession research, she enjoys gardening, finding rocks, trainspotting with her son, dancing with her daughter, crafting, watching funny animal videos, and listening to music.

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