Maria Ucan

Areas of Focus: ACT, Addiction, Adolescents, Adult, Behavioral Disorders, Caregiver Coaching, Goal Development, Mental Health, Mindfulness, OBM, RFT, Social Skills, Teens

Maria is passionate about helping people live their best lives. Maria started training in ACT at SIU. She has trained under Dr. Mark Dixon and Dr. Steve Hayes. Maria applies ACT to her personal life as well as to her work with her clients that range from ages 4 to 58 years. Maria strongly believes that ACT can be applied in anyone’s life. Maria is fluent in Spanish and English.

Maria’s passion for helping people live a happy life started when she was a little girl. She knew that she wanted to help people live their best lives. This drive led her to a degree in psychology. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, she spent a few years trying to find how to best combine her passion with her degree. After several dead ends, Maria managed to find the path that led her to behavior analysis and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). She was introduced to ACT in grad school by Dr.Dixon. She found it fascinating and immediately started practicing psychological flexibility in her own life.

Maria currently works with individuals with developmental disabilities, ranging in age from 11 to 58 years old. She implements ACT when delivering services to my caseload, but knows, for a fact, that ACT is for everyone. Maria firmly believes it can make a difference in anyone’s life. Maria is eager to help others (with or without a diagnosis) practice living a meaningful and values based life. She believes we are all entitled to that and although it is not always easy, it is possible.

Since being introduced to ACT, Maria has immersed herself in the field. She is continually studying and learning everything she can about ACT. She attended the ACT bootcamp for behavior analysts, completed both of Steve Hayes’ 10 week courses (ACT immersions and ACT in practice), read books, articles, podcasts and attended peer groups, etc. She is always looking for more training opportunities. .

To Maria, ACT is practicing being true to yourself and ACTing in ways that are meaningful to you. She wants to spread the ACTsprinkles EVERYWHERE!

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