Areas of Focus: ACT, Adolescents, Advocacy, Adult, Autism, BCBA Supervision/Training, Behavioral Disorders, Caregiver Coaching, Decreasing Maladaptive Behavior, Early Intervention, IISCA/PFA/SBT, Mental Health, Mindfulness, Neurodiversity Affirming, Special Education, Social Skills, Staff Development, Teens, Verbal Behavior

Jenilee is the founder of Mindful Behavior. She has over twelve years of experience in ABA. She has worked in a wide variety of settings, across a multitude of diagnoses, and with a large range of age groups. Jenilee is passionate about merging ACT, Accessibility, and Reform with ABA. Jenilee is also part of the neurodivergent community.

Jenilee is a Board Certified and Licensed Behavior Analyst with over twelve years of experience in the field. She received supervision experience at an intensive year-round ABA day center where she primarily worked with severe forms of maladaptive behavior. This experience included conducting Functional Analysis with analog conditions, Behavior Treatment Plan creation and implementation, curriculum development, and providing direct services with children ages 2-15. Jenilee received her M.Ed. at Arizona State University in 2011, and began teaching through their ABA program in 2012. In summer of 2012, she shifted gears and moved to Tennessee. She worked with adults diagnosed with IDD in addition to many other diagnoses. She worked in the client’s home, community, and day programs. Her focus here was primarily in treating severe maladaptive behavior reduction with appropriate replacement behavior; as well as independent living skills and job coaching. In this position Jenilee worked directly with the clients and trained their Direct Support Staff. In 2013 she also partnered with local school districts to provide ABA onsite. In 2014, she provided ABA to children through the state’s medicaid program in the home and community settings. In 2015 Jenilee partnered with an OT, PT, and SLP clinic in order to provide ABA in a multidisciplinary setting. She worked 1:1 with the clients and provided ample parent training. In 2016 she moved to North Carolina while still managing the ABA program at this clinic, while also providing ABA services to local adults. In 2018 Jenilee shifted gears yet again and remotely directed a practicum program for BACB trainees receiving experience hours. She currently supervises a team of BCBA’s and QBHP’s providing supervision to RBT’s as a Regional Clinical Director based in Michigan.
In 2019 Jenilee began her journey with ACT. She then assisted Megan Miller with moderating her Facebook Group, DoBetter. This is when she became passionate about providing free CE opportunities to clinicians in our field. In 2020, Jenilee had a near death experience. She was bedridden and on a leave of absence from her place of employment. She became tired of staring at the wall or watching Netflix on repeat, so she decided to do something to give back to a field she loves. Jenilee has been a yoga practitioner for many years, so she began participating in Accessible Yoga classes while slowly recovering. It dawned on her that yoga would be beneficial for many of the individuals she’s worked with over the years, but many instructors aren’t equipped or experienced enough to lead these classes. Jenilee then began her journey into becoming a certified yoga instructor. During this timeframe Jenilee became involved in efforts to improve our field and collaborate with the neurodivergent community. This is when Mindful Behavior was born. Her mission with Mindful Behavior is to encompass many things she’s passionate about in a way that enhances ABA. We provide supervision and mentorship with reform in mind. As such, we focus on teaching Trauma Informed Care (TIC) and ACT to our supervisees and mentees. We provide free and/or accessible CE opportunities so others can learn about TIC and ACT. We also provide accessible yoga to the NeuroDivergent community, as mindfulness is an important component of ACT. All of this is provided with accessibility guiding the way. Jenilee hopes to utilize her wide array of experience to provide you with mentorship or supervision to help you become the clinician you want to be. Jenilee looks forward to growing with you!
Note* Jenilee is only accepting Supervisees at this time.

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