Areas of Focus: ACT, Advocacy, Autism, BCBA Supervision/Training, Behavioral Disorders, Business Development, Caregiver Coaching, Decreasing Maladaptive Behavior, Early Intervention, Goal Development, Mindfulness, Neurodiversity Affirming, OBM, RBT Training/Supervision, Special Education, Social Skills, Staff Development

Armando Bernal (he/him) is an experienced and neurodiverse Board Certified Behavior Analyst in Spring, Texas who works primarily with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder aged 2-10 years-old. Armando is a proud graduate of Texas A&M University where he earned his master’s in special education in 2019.

In addition to this position, Armando is the host of the podcast A Different Path, presented by Autismintl, which presents the diverse stories of other individuals diagnosed with autism.

Armando Bernal uses he/him pronouns. He is neurodivergent and this has helped him connect with the people he works with immensely. Armando has been a BCBA for three years and in the special education field for 5 years. Previously, Armando worked as a special education teacher and provided support to kids between the ages of 2 and 12 years old.

Currently, Armando works with individuals with autism in an ABA clinic. Armando supports his clinic as the clinical manager and has done so for two years. In addition, Armando provides autistic consultation, parent and therapist consultation, speaking engagements for companies across the nation, and supervision and mentorship to other BCBAs and therapists. Armando has also completed the OBM certification process to further support and promote profit in several different companies across Texas. While at his current job, he has implemented a few meaningful changes within his company regarding accepting those that are neurodiverse. Armando has also supported the completion of different state grant projects that include the Texas A&M University PREP program. Armando has also recently published an article in association with Texas A&M University’s college of education regarding the use of AAC devices for individuals with autism entitled “Considering instructional contexts in AAC interventions for people with ASD and/or IDD experiencing complex communicative needs: A single case design meta-analysis.”

Armando received his Masters of Education from Texas A&M University in July 2019 and was given the honor of top college graduate. He also has his Texas license (LABA). He hopes to pursue a PhD in the future and continue with reforming the ABA field from the inside out! Armando is also the host of the podcast, “A Different Path,” by Autism International. He hopes to spread awareness and acceptance of Autism by interviewing and sharing the stories of other individuals with autism.

In his spare time, Armando enjoys spending time with his two dogs, cat, (Mashmallow, Biscuit, and Cocoa) and incredible fiance! Armando also enjoys cooking, baking, reading, and traveling the world!

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