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What Makes Mindful Behavior Different​

At Mindful Behavior, we provide high-quality training and mentorship within the field of behavior analysis through the lenses of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and neurodiversity. This approach helps mentees and trainees learn to provide trauma-informed care. Most importantly, a hallmark of Mindful Behavior’s philosophy of care is centering the client’s voice and experience. Our trainees and mentees learn to seek and incorporate feedback from neurodivergent experiences in order to do this. Mindful Behavior prepares trainees and mentees to be competent practitioners of ethical, inclusive, and effective behavior analytic services. 

Additionally, Mindful Behavior strives to provide high-quality ACT continuing education opportunities at an accessible price. This includes free monthly courses and other learning opportunities. Check out our Facebook Group for our schedule of free events! 

Mindful Behavior’s Mentors offer Caregiver Coaching rooted in combined principles of ABA and ACT, through a neurodivergent affirming lens. Mentors provide caregivers with behavior support, guidance, resources, and evidence-based strategies to provide integration and affirming support for your child. 

Mission Statement

Mindful Behavior, LLC provides coaching and continuing education services to individuals working within or invested in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. We strive to provide neurodiversity-affirming services which promote individual growth and person-centered care. We understand that each client we work with is a unique individual influenced by his or her culture, family, values and beliefs, and personal identity. We strive to honor and respect the uniqueness of each person we serve. Enhancing the field of ABA first begins by examining the critical feedback, considering where and how we can do better, then committing to personal growth in the interest of our consumers.

Overall in our work, we seek to alleviate ableism and harm caused to our consumers, we seek to promote a positive relationship with our consumers and stakeholders, we seek to lessen the experience of ableism and dogma which can inhibit one’s enjoyment of life, we seek to help our consumers live a fulfilled, values based life, we seek to assist clients to engage in affirming behaviors, and we seek to increase clients sense of meaning and purpose in their career.

We also endeavor to promote better functioning and satisfaction in supporting consumers. When working with clinicians, we aspire to strengthen emotional bonds and improve communication. Each Coach at Mindful Behavior has their own unique approach to mentorship, however, we share a common goal of providing quality, effective, empathic support to the whole person. Our goal is to guide clinicians, caregivers, and colleagues to address ableism inherent in our society, and shape our culture to be accepting and affirming to all neurotypes. Services at Mindful Behavior are grounded in researched based interventions and are delivered in an ethical manner, always with respect for the client and our overall consumers.

In summary, our mission is to promote the growth of each client and our hope is that each individual discovers meaningful relationships with their consumers.