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Jude Afolake Olubodun

Jude Afolake Olubodun (he/him): On my journey to discovering the needs of my children and then understanding also the needs for myself it led to me becoming the Chief Decolonizing Officer of the Autistic led non-profit NeuroClastic. It was through this organization that I was able to broaden my scope through my lived experience as a Black, neurodivergent, trans, single parent who already had a background as a community organizer for racial, queer, and restorative justice, and to incorporate into disability advocacy. My history of experience includes, but is not limited to, speaker for and advocacy through NeuroClastic, speaker for the Autism in Black conference and podcast, co-host of the Audacious Autistics Podcast, speaker for Mindful Behavior LLC, and I am also a coach for Autism Personal Coach as well. I want to make sure that we are no longer dehumanizing the people that we are supposed to be helping and healing in reaching their goals of not independence, but interdependence, because no one goes about this journey of life alone. That not only is the accommodation we are providing is being individualized so we are not denying the human right to live without harm, but is also instilling the care and value in each and every person we are helping that they KNOW they DESERVE to live without harm, and the always did.

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