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Alyssa Barrera Lansford

Alyssa Barrera Lansford

Alyssa believes that listening to others stories is one of the best forms of learning. For it’s through ones story that we can learn about another’s culture(s), experiences, and relationships. Being one of the only crisis, ACT and adult focused Board Certified Behavior Analysts™ in San Antonio, Texas, Alyssa has worked with a variety of communities, and diagnoses all with their own unique stories. Alyssa has worked not only as a BCBA™ but also as an advocate for marginalized families seeking help navigating the Special Education and Disability system within south Texas. With Alyssa’s own background as a neurodivergent Indigenous Latina, one of her main focuses is to incorporate ones culture and autonomy into their session(s), so to empower, educate and inspire clients to be their authentic self and to advocate for themselves and their child’s wants and needs.

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