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Adam Auron Lodestone

Adam Auron Lodestone

Adam is an Autistic adult, PDA profile, with synesthesia, among other co-occurring conditions. Trained in Transpersonal Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy, he integrates these disciplines into his work with clients, his advocacy, his community building, and his own personal healing work. He is an ABA survivor, and this lived experience powerfully informs his advocacy. When he is not acting as a Community Advocate Liaison, he is sharing personal testimony, making art, celebrating Autistic beingness, and drawing attention to the issues facing members of the Autistic and LGBTQIA+ communities as The Awetist, to be found on social media, in print, and as a podcast on Facebook, Youtube, Ko-fi, and Anchor. Adam has been a contributing author and editor for NeuroClastic since 2021. He is currently an interim admin for the Neurodiversity Affirming Therapists group on Facebook, as well as a regular guide/mentor those seeking to learn how to embrace ND-affirming attitudes and practices as therapeutic professionals. A lover of coffee, lichen, moss, tree bark, music, movies, real books, all things related to food history and culture... he pursues his IPIs (Intense Pervasive Interests) with passion. The intersection of identity and lived experiences is his sweet spot.



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