Writing Goals Through an Anti-Ableist Lens by Sarah Alford Hart


The practice of expanding the typical goal-writing process to take into account an anti-ableist lens, and how to meet funding requirements while staying true to your values


  • Define and develop your own anti-ableist lens
  • Develop and write goals that reflect an anti-ableist lens
  • Meet funding requirements while staying true to values
  • Identify the parts of the ethics code that are relevant to this presentation’s topic


Sarah Alford Hart (she/her) is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst in Virginia who has worked in the ABA field for over a decade. Autistic and disabled herself, she is passionate about advocating for others who are autistic and/or disabled regarding their rights to live happy, safe, autonomous, and autistic/disabled lives. She is the creator of the company Social Cues Behavior Analysis, which provides pro-Neurodiversity ABA services to autistic children and young adults. She is also the creator of the company NESSI, which stands for Neurodiversity-Emphasizing Support, Services, & Information. When she is not advocating for people with disabilities on and off social media, she is usually found making jewelry for ball-jointed dolls, writing urban fantasy novels, or organizing her office supplies.

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