The Divergent Road: Make All The Difference Workshop

A total of 8 CEUs (2 in ethics) will be earned for participants who elect to pay the $90 CE fee. ONLY the attendees who pay $90 will earn their certificate. 


The workshop event is March 26th 9 am-5 pm est. A follow up QA will occur on March 27th from 1 pm-2pm est. 


Presenters and topics:

Emily Wade: “Neurodiversity and ABA; Learning to Listen”

Mari Cerda: “Disability Justice in Therapeutic Spaces”

Sarah Alford Hart: “Writing Goals Through an Anti-Ableist Lens”

Katie Kendrick: “Functional Contextualism & Ableism: What We Say Reveals How We Think”

Nyetta Abernathy: “Identifying and Responding to Trauma and Anxiety”

Armando Bernal, Brian Middleton, and Summer Mingo: “Practicing at the Crossroad of Philosophic Doubt and Dogma”



Brian Middleton and Jennifer Childs “A BIP for BCBAs: DRH for Listening & Uplifting”


Workshop Objectives:

Participants will learn how to identify Neurodiversity Affirming ABA practices to incorporate directly  into practice. 

Participants will learn why utilizing a Neurodiversity Affirming lens is critical for the well-being of autistic learners. 

Participants will learn to identify and combat inherent ableism within the field of behavior analysis.

Participants will learn how to conduct assessments, create treatment plans, and write goals that are trauma-informed and inclusive of client assent.

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson
  • 1 Quiz
  • Course Certificate