Stuck Staff Teams: The Good, The Bad, and The ACT Matrix by Monica Peters

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Consulting is hard, particularly with stuck staff teams. Questions like “how can I get staff to buy in?” “how do I find a place to start?” and “why won’t they follow my recommendations?” come up that can affect our quality of service. 

The ACT Matrix provides a process to meet the staff where they are, help them find a shared purpose and, together, develop a peaceful behaviour support plan with everyone involved. 

Join me in this interactive webinar to learn how to use the ACT Matrix as a tool to help develop a productive and workable behaviour support plan.


  1. Participants will learn how to do the 2 loops of the ACT Matrix
  2. Participants will learn how to quickly and efficiently explain the functions of behaviour to staff using the ACT Matrix
  3. Participants will learn how to incorporate the ACT Matrix into the FBA process

1 CE hour will be provided by Mindful Behavior for attending this web course to completion.

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