Solve for YES!: How to Erect a Scaffolding of Practical Supports

Event Learning Objectives:

1.) Demonstrate and respond to the impact of disability on family

2.) Identify family-centered practices in the community and services or systems which address such practices

3.) Demonstrate skills in ASD/NDD evidence-based intervention

4.) Describe ASD/NDD health or economic disparities and offer strategies to address them

Event Summary (shorter sound bite for advertisement): 

The Medical Model of Disability treats the disabled population like a math problem, seeking a ‘solution’ and asking us to “solve for X”. In his presentation, J. Alexander Douglas suggests a new method. His approach uses the Scaffolding of Supports™ strategy to lift up the individual from underneath and empower them to say an enthusiastic “YES!” in more situations, to more things.

Around a Person-Centered Model of Care

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