Practice What You Preach by Rikke Kjelgaard

Objective: ACT is a therapy model that is hugely based on experiential work. Through metaphors, various exercises and experiential processes we invite our clients to contact their own experiences in order to step out of rule-governed living into a richer, more values-based and meaningful life. In this webinar Rikke Kjelgaard will talk about the experiential work in ACT and how it applies to therapists as well. With emphasis on self-compassion therapists are invited to do some experiential work to enhance skills in modeling ACT with our clients – practicing what we preach.

Bio: Rikke Kjelgaard is a licensed psychologist, peer-reviewed ACT trainer, an awarded fellow of the  ACBS, author, speaker and chief rock’n’roller in her own business. Rikke is on a mission to help  therapists thrive and to be brave and authentic helpers. Trained as a clinical psychologist, she has  a 15 year background in the science of human behaviour and the practice of behaviour change.  Rikke is a popular speaker at the Scandinavian as well as the international stage, and she is  known to bring both passion and vulnerability to her talks. She transforms the lives of her  audience by bringing evidence based strategies to her listeners in ways that are edible,  manageable and impactful. Rikke is known to leave her audience in tears with compelling stories  from her own life and to create extraordinary interactions between people.

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