Language Strategies to Help Children Learn

Course presented by Brian Middleton, IBA, BCBA, and Jenilee Stepp Triebert, BCBA This course includes 2 general CEUs for BCBAs and IBAs Course Description: Parenting is a journey filled with joys and challenges, and navigating the intricate world of children's emotions and difficult situations can often be overwhelming. At times, it might seem like no matter how hard you try, you're faced with hurdles that leave you feeling uncertain and powerless. This struggle is genuine, and recognizing it is the first step towards finding effective solutions. Welcome to our transformative course where you'll unlock Language Strategies for Supporting Neurodivergent* Children's Emotional Growth. In this engaging presentation, we delve into language-driven techniques that empower you to navigate through even the toughest of situations while fostering growth and resilience in your child. Backed by both meticulous research and hands-on experience, these strategies are designed not only to guide you but also to equip every individual involved with essential life skills. Course Highlights: Discover Practical Language Strategies: Gain insight into proven language strategies that empower you to effectively tackle challenging situations with your child. From navigating overwhelming emotions to steering through difficult conversations, you'll learn valuable techniques to foster understanding and connection. Nurture Independence and Self-Management: Explore language strategies that go beyond immediate problem-solving. Foster your child's independence and self-management skills through communication techniques that encourage decision-making, responsibility, and emotional intelligence. A Holistic Approach: This course offers an inclusive approach that's specifically tailored to neurodivergent children. However, the principles and strategies discussed are universally applicable, providing valuable insights for parents of all children. Learning Objectives: By the end of this course, participants will confidently: Identify Language Strategies for Emotion Regulation: Grasp at least two effective language strategies for guiding children through complex emotions, transforming challenging moments into opportunities for growth. Harness Language Strategies for Skill Development: Acquire at least two practical language strategies that promote the development of independence, self-management, and essential life skills in children. Access Continued Learning: Gain knowledge of at least one reliable resource that ensures your journey doesn't end with the course. This resource will be your compass for ongoing skill development, helping you and your child thrive. Parenting is a continuous learning experience, and with the Language Strategies for Supporting Neurodivergent Children's Emotional Growth course, you're not alone. Join us in this illuminating journey that equips you with the tools to create a nurturing environment where challenges become stepping stones towards greater emotional intelligence and stronger connections. *While tailored for neurodivergent children, the strategies presented can benefit children of all backgrounds, making this course a valuable resource for all parents and caregivers.
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