Anti-Racism and the Responsibility of the White Behavior Analyst: A Relational Account by Katelyn Kendrick and Jordan Belisle

Learning Objectives:
Describe the interaction between cultural and individual contingencies in oppression
Discuss the role of complex relational frames in bias and discrimination
Become familiar with barriers to progress in anti-racist work
Discover the role that ACT training can play in anti-racist work
Uncover the responsibilities of white behavior analytic practitioners in anti-racist work

White participation in anti-racist discussion, as well as a demonstrable commitment to action, is imperative for progress. However, white individuals often run from this type of work – why? Because it is uncomfortable, painful, and often requires committed perspective taking. Using ACT as a framework, we will explore and discuss how to use psychological flexibility to increase work around anti-racism, explaining how complex relational frames play a role in the process.

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