ACTing with Youth by Amy Murrell, Ph.D.

Amy R. Murrell, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, currently licensed in Tennessee and Texas. She also has the ability to practice across states in the USA that participate in the PSYPACT. In addition to seeing patients, consulting, and training through Murrell Psychological Services, Dr. Murrell is an Affiliate Faculty Member at the University of Memphis, where she teaches clinical supervision, courses on CBT, and child relevant abnormal psychology courses. She is an ACBS Fellow and a Peer-Reviewed ACT Trainer. In addition, Dr. Murrell is the co-author of a evidence-based self-help book for parents (The Joy of Parenting; Coyne and Murrell, New Harbinger, 2009), the author of a six-book series for children based on ACT (The Becca Epps Series about Bending Your Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors (Shawnee Scientific Press, 2017-2021), and approximately 40 articles and chapters about ACT and RFT. In this informative event. Dr. Murrell discusses how we can utilize principles of ACT with adolescents. 

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